Thursday, January 29, 2009

End of January, Beginning of Employment

It has been quite the couple of weeks...ok I realize this is a very oblique way to start to say something, but you're here - you might as well spend some time.  It started where everything email account.  An innocent-looking email from...holy cow, Stratford.  I have an audition in Winnipeg... scheduled for the last week of rehearsals of the Persephone Youth Tour... where we are rehearsing two shows - in which I am involved in nearly every scene.  Can I get the day off?  Long story short, No.  Dear Stratford Audition Co-ordinating Lady, any chance there are auditions on a Saturday somewhere?  Dear, Actor Who Is Going to be a Hassle to Deal With in Terms of Scheduling:  The only Saturday audition we have is in Halifax.  Dear Air Canada and Westjet, Can I fly from Saskatoon to Halifax and back without missing rehearsal?  Dear, Actor Navigating our Websites in and out of Wireless Coverage along the #1 Highway from Brandon to Saskatoon: Kind of, but we are going to whack you with an insane lay over resulting in a 10.5 hour flight which will get you to Halifax by 10:30am - Possibly in time for your audition at noon.  Dear Aaron's Brain, can we feasibly expect to fly to leave rehearsal on Friday, get to the airport, fly to halifax via Calgary and Toronto, arrive 45 mins outside of Halifax, drive to Neptune Theatre, perform an audition that makes the first lady of Canadian Theatre think that you are worth her time and some, fly back to Saskatoon and be ready to go for the opening week of the tour????  Dear, Aaron: Hell if I know...but if you don't go try you know what's going to happen.  
It's a good thing I've been working on some pieces...
Ring!  Come shoot a music video this weekend.
Ring! Come audition for an indie film being shot locally for which the trailer is being shot in the next couple of weeks.
Ring! Can you send me an audition tape of the sides I've emailed you?

Absolutely! Click, click, click.

Aaron's Brain:  Have you looked at your Youth Tour Scripts recently?
Aaron:!  That's a pretty colour!! FOCUS!!!  
Aaron's Brain:  It'd be cool if you got that part, you would be on IMDB!
Aaron: that WOULD be cool!!! FOCUS!!  My Liege, I did deny no prisoners, but I remember when the fight was done, when I was dry with rage and extreme toil.........List a brief tale and when 'tis told O that my heart would burst!  The bloody proclamation to escape that followed me so near (O our lives' sweetness that we the pain of death would hourly die rather than die at once) taught me to shift into a madman's rags.......
Aaron's Shoulder: Look!  I grew a weird hair!!!
Aaron: Hey, that IS cool!!! FOCUS!!  Breathe.....relax....go to bed.  Goodnight...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here we are, January 2009!  I have just returned from an incredible week-long vacation in the Dominican Republic with a group of rowdies and am eager to get back to work.  I have two scripts that need some attention Shakedown Shakespeare and New Canadian Kid - both of which I will be performing for Persephone Theatre's Youth Tour with a group of wonderful actors in schools all over Saskatchewan.  I am also working on a couple new monologues for potential theatre auditions.