Monday, April 13, 2009

imminent uncertainty

There is a wonderful feeling that comes with knowing where your next gig will be.  There is a tremendous low knowing that a show that you enjoy is ending.  It is very exciting and very taxing knowing that you will not be doing the same thing forever.  I just finished up Persephone Theatre's 2009 Youth Tour that took me from Saskatoon to La Loche, Lloydminster, Maple Creek, Gravelbourg, Moosomin, Regina, Cabri, Wakaw, Morse, Martensville and on and on...  We toured two productions - one for high school students called 'Shakedown Shakespeare' - which is essentially King Lear, Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth all squeezed in to 55 minutes and made more than a little goofy.  The other show, for younger audiences is Dennis Foon's ever-running 'New Canadian Kid', which has been produced in many countries in many languages.  I had a blast, the cast was a pleasure to be around and work with.  
I now have seven days off before I start rehearsal for my next project.  I will be performing as Ben and Ewan in Theatre Ecstasis' production of 'Bad Jazz' by Robert Farquhar - which is, to say the least a bit of a jump from children's theatre.  It is a challenging piece of theatre - for me as an actor as well as (I hope) for the audience.  What makes this even better though, is that I get to work, once again, with some of my favourite people.  That's what really makes all of the difference.

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